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311 NYC Noise Complaint Made Easy

RightAvenues is a mission-driven Noise community app that empowers local communities to achieve their right to quiet enjoyment.

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What we do

We are committed to solving urban noise problems by promoting engagement and empowerment of local communities.


Create valuable noise data together by simply submitting
311 NYC noise complaints


Lean on the community with empathy and optimism to support each other from the helpless feeling from noise experience


Use Noise data to take action and
make changes!

Why You Should Care About
Your Sound Health

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Noise is
public health crisis
WHO/Europe (2019)
why noise pollution matters
Heart disease
birth outcomes
Cognitive impairment
in children
" It has been 10 years since I started having to endure the noise and filing for NYC 311. Fireworks and late-night parties occur almost daily, making my life unbearable. It has had a detrimental effect on my mental and physical health."
Washington Heights Resident
" The noise is waking up my family every night. I have lived in this neighborhood for my whole life and the noise has become increasingly louder in recent years. Noise pollution is the most significant problem concerning quality of life in this city. "
Manhattan Valley Resident
" While I deeply appreciate all the work that emergency service workers are doing, the decibel of the siren doesn't need to be this high. New Yorkers are exposed to these amplified sounds too often and it is detrimental to hearing for children and seniors, "
Upper West Side Resident
Together, we can make our city sound Right.

If We Can’t Measure It,
We Can’t Improve It.
Join RA community and make our noise experience visible and measurable!